The current Son-shine Sister adventure is running from January 2019 to July 2019.

Wendy Falzano: ( 518-526-6149) is the contact person for this adventure. 

Forms need to be handed into Wendy by January 20th.

She will hand out the forms on January 27th.

The reveal party will be at the July 2019 Circle of Women gathering. 

Looking for a way to connect with your sisters in Christ at the River Community Church? The Son-shine Sisters might be just what you are looking for!

Son-shine sisters is an opportunity to bless a sister in Christ. Here’s how it works.

  • You fill out a form giving information about yourself (name, birthdate, favorite color, etc.).
  • Hand it into the woman who is running the program.
  • The woman running the adventure will randomly assign Son-shine sisters. You will get someone’s form and the fun begins!

Now you spend time praying for your Son-shine Sister and bless her occassionally with a card or small gift ($5 or less is acceptable…don’t go nuts!)

Here are some tips:

1. The idea is to pray for your Son-shine sister as often as possible. Please don’t feel condemned if you forget on “Thursday” because you had a really busy day. This is about fun…getting to know each other and blessing one another.

TIP: Place the paper where you see it every morning so you remember to pray for her.

2. It is fun to try and remind her that you’re thinking of her about once a month, especially for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays…This can be done by a little note card or small gift. Again, it’s not about guilt; if you miss a birthday or anniversary make it up when you remember. We are all busy and we understand.

TIP: Look at her list, talk to those who know, her get ideas for little things like Life Savers or M&M’s. Or, pick up things you see on the clearance rack to have on hand for later. Rummage sale finds can be a treasure worth giving. Maybe you can make something that will bless her! Remember, spend no more than $5 if you spend anything at all!


4. Remember, this is about blessing others. Don’t let your focus be so much on what you receive, but let it be on how much you can bless your Son-shine sister. If a couple months go by and you have not heard from your  Son-shine sister, let the person listed above know.

TIP: Pray for the Son-shine sister that has your name as well. Maybe she is having a hard time and could use your prayers much more than your criticism. It’s hard to be upset with someone you are praying for them.

Enjoy keeping your secret and make time for the reveal party! Watch your Son-shine sister’s face light up when they meet you! Their Son-shine Sister