What is the vision for River Kids Children’s Ministries?

Our guidance comes from God’s word to “…tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power, and the wonders He has done… so that they may put their hope in God and not forget His deeds but keep His commands. ” (Psalms 78:4 & 7)

We are committed to helping each child KNOW God, LIVE a life pleasing to Him, and SHARE His story with others.

What is “River Kids” anyway?

“River Kids” is the new name for our Children’s Ministries at The River Community Church. We want to connect children with that River Of Life God offers all who believe in His son Jesus.

Any other new names to watch out for?

Just a few … but they really help remind us of our goals doe Children’s Ministry here at The River. Let’s take a look.

First Splash is the beginning experience for babies to age two. Formerly known as the nursery, First Splash is a safe place for babies and toddlers to hear about God through age-appropriate music, simple Bible stories, and gentle multi-sensory activities.

River Waders is the class for pre-K and Kindergarten kids. Waders are ready to start wading into God’s word and will be challenged to learn more about God through age-appropriate music, games, drama, and more.

River Swimmers is the next step class for 1st through 3rd graders. Kids in this group are ready to start swimming in The River Of Life. A variety of experiences each week will help Swimmers seek God’s presence in their lives and move from Bible stories to concepts such as God’s grace.

River Fishers is the capstone class of 4th through 6th graders. Fishers have the foundation, have met God, and are ready to tell others about His wonderful works. Older kids will also start preparing to graduate into Youth Ministires.

River Guides are our treasured adult leaders who help guide the faith journeys of our River Kids each week.

What will a typical Sunday morning look like in the River Kids area?

(Boring answer)

Kid-Friendly classrooms, large group/small group activities for 1st through 6th grade. First Splash and River Kids activities during both services, all River Kids studying the same topics at the same time ….

(Exciting answer)

Babies being told “God loves you” while being rocked by a loving River Guide, Toddlers looking in a mirror and hearing “God made you,”  Preschoolers singing songs of praise to a God they know hears them, School-age kids that are excited to learn Bible verses they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, Big Kids that are preparing to take the world by storm as they share what God has done for them, and River Guides who are blessing (and being blessed by) the River Kids around them…

What else is going on in River Kids Children’s Ministries @ River Church?

We want River Kids to think about God even on days that don’t begin with “Sun.” That’s why we’re planning some special things to happen throughout each month: Movie Mornings and Wednesday night River Adventures Club later this Fall, One Drop Service Projects, Holiday parties and more!

Sounds Great! How can I help?

Pray for us! We know that we can’t reach even one child without God’s power!
Invite your friend’s kids. Invite your kid’s friends.
Set aside time to talk to your River Kid about God EVERY day. You are your child’s first and best River Guide.
And, consider joining us! We have opportunities for just about every commitment level and skill set, and the rewards are immeasurable!